Abusive ||Starter Sentences||

"I expect you to be home at 7 o'clock sharp, you hear me?"

"Where the fuck were you?! You know I'm going to have to punish you now, right?"

"Now which spot on your body haven't I bruised yet?"

"You've been a VERY naughty boy/girl today.. so you have to be punished. Now do you want the taser first or the hot iron?"

"As soon as you get home, you're going to [insert chore(s) here].. or else..."

"Nobody loves you besides me, but some days, you piss me off to the point where I consider leaving you."

"You did a shitty ass job! Do it again!"

"What did I say about staying out late?! Huh?! WHAT DID I SAY?!"

"God, I can't fucking LIVE with you anymore! You're a disgrace and, compared to your older/younger brother/sister, you're absolute fucking dirt!"

"Jesus, do you even know how to do this?! It's simple, yet you're fucking stupid!"

"Every passing moment I'm with you, I regret the day I ever asked you out."

"Don't leave, please.. I'm sorry for what I did to you.. I promise I'll never do it again."

"It's remarkable how I even put up with you for the past [insert number here] months/years."


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1: Self-deception

2: Manipulation

3: Overbearing

4: Deluded

5: Mechanization

6: Comatose

7: Belief

8: Impulse

9: Eagerness

10: Tears

11: Sweat

12: Renewal

13: Temptation

14: Abandonment

15: Glass

16: Laughter

17: Mourning

18: Poison

19: Silence

20: Mourning

21: Betrayal

22: Objective

23: Smile

24: Robot

25: if

26: Routine

27: Despair

28: Snow

29: Mask

30: Pity

31: Distortion

32: Holy

33: Origin

34: Guide

35: Install

36: Us

37: Stress

38: Sanity

39: Perpetual

40: Lies

41: Mortality

42: Death

43: Life

44: Genetics

45: Terrorism

46: Terminal

47: War

48: Guilt

49: Witness

50: Cost

51: Silver

52: Mirror

53: Trigger

54: Accusation

55: Potential

56: Urgency

57: Identity

58: Execution

59: Obsession

60: Ritual

61: Mother

Text Prompts

[Text] I'm sorry, okay? An apology is what you wanted, right?

[Text] This is going to sound a little strange, but what's the best way to get blood stains out of clothes?

[Text] We need to talk. Call me.

[Text] Can you come pick me up? May have been drinking and may have also punched out a guy for talking shit.

[Text] I know it's late. Come meet me at the beach.

[Text] Where do you hide your spare key?

[Text] Are you seriously standing me up or are you really that late?

[Text] Help, I'm alone in a crowd and trying to look cool by texting you.

[Text] Wanna go on a coffee run for me?

[Text] I am never drinking that much again.

[Text] I'm pretty sure I left my underwear at your place.

[Text] I... think you sent that to the wrong person.

[Text] Shit, don't open that. I sent that to the wrong person.

[Text] Give me one more chance.

[Text] Come get Taco Bell with me. No, I don't care that it's three in the morning, I'm already outside your place.

[Text] Where are you? And why do you never tell me where you're going?

[Text] Saw VII or Paranormal Activity 4?

[Text] Report to my bedroom immediately for snuggles.

[Text] I need bail money.

Next To Normal Ask Meme: Send Me One To See How My Muse Will React

“It's 4 in the morning, is everything ok?”

“Some days I think I'm dying, but I'm really only trying to get through.”

“I think the house is spinning.”

“So, we'll try again and eventually we'll get it right.”

“Not a very exact science, is it?”

“I'm trying to tell you I love you.”

“I can be perfect for you.”

“I miss the pain.”

“Nothing's real.”

“I didn't know you had a brother.”

“He's been dead 16 years.”

“This is fucked.”

“I know you're hurting. I am, too.”

“Can you tell me what it is you're afraid of?”

“Can I touch you?”

“Are you wanting all that she can't give?”

“I am the one who won't walk away.”

“I wish I could fly, I'd fly far away from here.”

“I love you as much as I can.”

“I'm your worst fear, you'll find it in me.”

“I need you to need me.”

“It's not going to get better, is it?”

“Are you nervous?”

“What's your story?”

“Did you see my parents out there?”

“How could she leave me on my own?”

“Why didn't you take me with you?”

“You're kidding, right? That's bullshit.”

“What makes you think I'd lose my mind for you?”

“Tell me why I wait through the night.”

“I can't get through this alone.”

“Am I feeling what I think I'm feeling?”

“I'm good as gone.”

“You don't remember any of this?”

“I thought you might call.”

“Don't say that we're over.”

“I couldn't give a flying fuck what's normal.”

“Your life has kind of sucked, I think.”

“Won't anything be better than before?”

“Your son is gone forever though.”

“There's something missing.”

“Let me know you again.”

“Why do I get denied?”

“Where'd you get that?”

“How could I ever forget?”

Why would you want to remember the things that hurt you?”

“Please, tell me his name.”

“Why stay?”

“Something next to normal would be okay.”

“You look like a star.”

“Can you leave it behind?”

“I might end up crazy.”

“So anyway I'm leaving.”

“It's time for me to go.”

“I am the one who saved you.”

“I know you know who I am.”

“We need some light.”

“It's the price we pay to feel.”

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  • does your character prefer lying on the beach & sunbathing or swimming?
  • does your character have any musical talents?
  • what is your character’s fondest memory?
  • what is your…

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